Are you spinning your wheels by sticking around?

In 2018, I underwent a rigorous interview process to be mentored by business coaches. The vision of creating a new life for myself kept me persevering through a number of interviews meant to ensure they were pouring their knowledge and resources into the right mentee. I decided no matter what it took, I would show them I was the right person to dedicate their time to.

Almost two months later, I received the call that I’d been selected. They gave me books, audio recordings, and daily encouragement. I was assured again and again that the system was guaranteed to change…

Our success is strongly correlated with our habits, behavior and our mindset on achievement.

Your subconscious thoughts around your ability to gain and keep money will either propel you forward into wealth, keep you stagnant or, worse, take you down a spiral of debt that could potentially lead to bankruptcy.

If you are not intentional with your mindset and your use of money, you will lose control. Here are some powerful habit and money mindset shifts to start working on today if you want to see your net worth grow.

You’re focused on increasing your income, but not your budgeting strategy

Being in good financial standing is 90% mindset. This is…

The same principles of business and career apply here

We see and hear often that limiting beliefs and mental blocks are holding us back from better, higher paying jobs, building our new businesses, and learning new skills. But we don’t spend enough time discussing how our mindset contributes to how and who we date. There is very little about the decisions we make on a daily basis that goes unaffected by our ingrained beliefs of ourselves and others. Relationships and dating are no exception to this.

Limiting beliefs are those that prevent us from fulfilling our highest level of potential, goals and desires. These beliefs are often subconscious, going…

5. Focus on the system you use to achieve the goal more than the goal itself

We will soon be turning the corner to a new year. While the change from 2020 to 2021 doesn’t offer the fresh new start we all desperately long for after the turbulence and uncertainty experienced by the masses, I still expect it is safe to say most will follow the status quo, as they do each year, of setting a New Year’s resolution.

New Year’s resolutions are a symbol of hope; no one goes in to a New Year hoping things get worse. …

My salary is 50% higher, and yours can be too.

Millions of people go into work each day making the same complaints. One major complaint: “my pay is crap!” These words fall on deaf ears as employees continue to complain to the coworker next to them and do the same thing they’ve done day after day while merely hoping for a different result.

According to a CNBC poll, only 40% of workers received a raise in 2018 either in their current job, or by switching to a new company. For those who do receive a raise, the average pay increase…

Four mindset shifts I hadn’t realized I made throughout my 20s

I used to have the impression that you are either a mature person or you are not. As a late teen and in my early 20s, I considered myself pretty mature and had that confirmed by plenty of adults. I didn’t think I had tons of growth left to make. Sure, I could have a few more experiences under my belt like the “adultier” adults, but as far as I was concerned I was mature and people my age who weren’t considered mature would never change.

It was in my mid-twenties that I realized I still had a long way…

And five actionable strategies to fix them.

Everyone appears to be waiting for their next raise to land on their desk before finally getting their finances together. They have 99 problems, all of which come as a bill, and a raise would solve every one of them.

There is a flaw in this train of thought. The fact is, living within your means has less to do with the size of your paycheck and more to do with your mindset and behaviors.

Getting a raise to fix your finances is the equivalent of putting a band-aid on a wound that requires stitches. You may control the bleed…

But there is a silver lining.

Feeling unheard and dismissed is probably one of the worst feelings there is. Venting off your emotions and ending the conversation with the sense that you have not obtained validation can leave you feeling defeated. It adds salt to open wounds.

When I am venting, I usually am not looking for an opinion. I need someone to listen and hopefully validate my feelings or say nothing at all and let me ramble. What I most certainly do not need while I’m venting my frustrations, under any circumstance, is a silver lining.

A silver lining…

Try any of these ten strategies to find your center again.

Are you constantly finding yourself frustrated to the point of debilitation? So angry you can’t think straight or keep yourself from reacting? In my late teens and early twenties I was always on the very edge of completely losing it if someone said the wrong thing.

The best method for dealing with anger is to avoid it in the first place. If you know a certain person or situation gets you fired up, try to work around it. …

I woke up on May 23, 2017, and looked around my bedroom inside my mom’s apartment. I felt grogginess. The walls were still purple. The cars outside were honking away, as usual.

Just a few hours earlier I’d walked down the stage of the New Jersey Performing Arts Center where I’d graduated with my Masters in General Psychology. The graduation ended late so my friends and I went through the McDonalds drive-thru to celebrate with Chicken McNuggets.

I didn’t feel the way I was supposed to feel. That morning I didn’t feel a shred of accomplishment. I was still living…

Yari Diaz

Exploring growth mindset, mental blocks and discipline in business, career and life. Follow me at @yaridiazma on Instagram!

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